International Programs

International Programs at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS) include opportunities for students and faculty that have a ripple effect across the globe.

As the world is growing smaller, universities are looking for opportunities to enhance cultural awareness and cross-cultural experiences for students. The Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences International Programs offers a myriad of opportunities for our students to explore the world through science. Whether it is the study of the complex chemical and biological processes that create diverse varieties of cheese and wine in France, the opportunity to learn about community-based healthcare models in southern Mexico, or the chance to identify coral and learn advanced marine biological techniques under the direction of a professional researcher and marine biologist, the Rutgers SEBS International Program has something for all of our students.

Faculty are collaborating with researchers in multiple countries to solve some of society's most pressing issues. Some of the projects include researching the effects of climate change on endangered salmonid fishes in northern Mongolia, developing methods to characterize soils on several scales using three-dimensional images with researchers from multiple U.S. institutions and Canada, and studying the geological archive that is captured in sedimentary rocks in Tanzania.

Support for these programs will allow our students to continue to share information and extend collaboration across borders in an effort to solve world problems.

Please contact us to learn more about supporting the international programs and visit the International Programs website.